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    发布时间:2021-01-11 16:41

    The Spirit of Two Broke Girls初二英语作文

    I like to see American TV series so much, because not only the plot attracts me so much, but also I can learn the English spoken language. Recently, I fall in love with Two Broke Girls, it is so funny and makes me laugh happily. Besides the humorous plot, I am also inspired by the characters’ spirit. Though the two girls are poor and work as the waitress in the small restaurant, they never give up their dreams. They make the plans for their dreams, even they meet all kinds of difficulties, they are still positive about their future. I learn things from them, I keep the positive attitude towards life.

    我很喜欢看美剧,因为不仅剧情很吸引我旧版鱼丸奔驰宝马,而且我也能学到英语口语。最近,我爱上了《破产姐妹》初二日记600字 事,这个剧很有趣,让我捧腹大笑。除了幽默的剧情初二日记600字 事,我也受到了人物精神的.鼓舞。虽然这两个女孩贫穷,在一间小餐馆里面做服务生,但是她们从来没有放弃梦想。她们为梦想做了计划,即使遇到各种各样的困难,她们仍然对未来感到乐观。我从她们身上学到了东西初二日记600字 事,对生活保持乐观向上的态度。

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